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Terms & Conditions

Updated on 22 Mar 2022

We do not accept the below items

No Coriander, Fennel, Cumin Seeds

No Lithium Batteries

No Any Meat Or Meat Product

No Dairy Products & Malted Milk

No Rice

No Prawns

No Plants, Leaves & Plantable Seeds

No Fruits & Vegetables

No Dangerous & Prohibited goods

No Gold & Jewellery

No Perfumes & Non-Herbal Fairness cream

No Branded Clothes

No Kithul treacle

No Naphthalene & Chemicals 

No Peppercorn

Labelling & Packing Guidelines

Pepper (Ground/Crushed)

Must be commercially packed

Must be labeled and the full scientific name (Piper nigrum) has to be mentioned on the label

Max 500g per parcel

Chile/Bell pepper (whole/Crushed)

Must be commercially packed

Must be labeled 

Max 500g per parcel

Chile Powder

Must be commercially packed

Must be labeled 


Other Spices

must be Labeled & Commercially packed 

Dry fish/Sprats/ Maldive fish 

Must be Labeled & Commercially packed. If not, please pack in vacuum packs ( We can arrange a vacuum pack on your request, (Rs.120 per pack)

Ambulthiyal, Moju, pickles

Should be in a vacuumed pack or Commercially Sealed bottle with Labels

Other Foods / Home-Made Foods

Must be Labeled & Commercially packed.

Ayurvedic Products

Must be Labeled & Commercially packed.


Our Standard cargo box sizes & Box Weight. Total weight will be calculated with box weight

10kg box ( 40cm x 34cm x 20cm ) Box weight 800g

20kg box (50cm x 45cm x 40cm) Box weight 1.6kg

30kg box (70cm x 60cm x 40cm) Box weight 1.8kg

Boxes will be provided Free of charge

Other Conditions

  • Free Pickup is only available in Colombo and the surrounding areas. 

  • Pickup can arrange in other areas through local courier services at your request. Additional charges are applicable.

  • Zonic Cargo International is not responsible for Sri Lanka Local courier consequences.

  • Zonic Cargo International takes no responsibility for the shipments held by customs or other regulated authorities.

  • There can be unavoidable delays due to customs clearance that can be caused by the items in your parcel.

  • Our charges include only freight costs. It does not cover any damage or loss.

  • Zonic Cargo International is liable only up to USD50. If you're sending a valuable item by mail, you should take out Extra Cover. Contact us

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