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- These rates are only applicable until the quoted date. (Rates can be changed with the exchange rates adjustments done by the CBSL)

- Any fraction of a kilogram over the weight shown takes the next higher weight rate.

- Shipment Insurance is available at an additional charge

- Custom duties and taxes are not included in the above rates.

- The greater of either dimensional or actual gross weight will be considered as the chargeable weight.

- The following formula will determine the volumetric weight:


[ Length x Width x Height (cm3) ] / 5000 = Vol. Weight (kg)


- An additional charge will be applicable for large packages

- Maximum Weight and Size Limits (per piece): Weight 70kg, Length 274cm, Size 419cm in length and girth ((2x width) + (2 x height)) combined.

- Our Standard cargo box sizes & Box Weight. Total weight will be calculated with box weight

10/11kg box ( 40cm x 34cm x 20cm ) Box weight 800g

20kg box (50cm x 45cm x 40cm) Box weight 1.6kg

30kg box (70cm x 60cm x 40cm) Box weight 1.8kg

Boxes will be provided Free of charge

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