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International Parcel Delivery Rates

We are sending parcels only by air. Through express parcel delivery partners. We always use reliable and safe procedures to ensure that your parcels are safely delivered to your doorstep.
You can make the payment in your respective foreign currency via our payment gateway. Please contact us for more details.

Updated on 09-Mar-2023

Sri Lanka To

Australia To

Click here to download the Updated full rate sheet 

- These rates are only applicable till the quoted month only (Rates can be changed with the exchange rates adjustments done by the CBSL)

- Any fraction of a kilogram over the weight shown takes the next higher weight rate.

- Shipment Insurance is available at an additional charge

- Custom duties and taxes are not included in the above rates.

- The greater of either dimensional or actual gross weight will be considered as the chargeable weight.

- The following formula will determine the volumetric weight:


[ Length x Width x Height (cm3) ] / 5000 = Vol. Weight (kg)


- An additional charge will be applicable for large packages

- Maximum Weight and Size Limits (per piece): Weight 70kg, Length 274cm, Size 419cm in length and girth ((2x width) + (2 x height)) combined.

- Our Standard cargo box sizes & Box Weight. Total weight will be calculated with box weight

10/11kg box ( 40cm x 34cm x 20cm ) Box weight 800g

20kg box (50cm x 45cm x 40cm) Box weight 1.6kg

30kg box (70cm x 60cm x 40cm) Box weight 1.8kg

Boxes will be provided Free of charge

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